Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recoup. Regather. Relax?

Last week, Monday night, I freaked out a little bit.
And by a little bit, I mean I had a panic attack. or something equally scary and disconcerting.
And I couldn't do anything. I had homework to do, but I just couldn't do it.
And then I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible sore throat, and could barely swallow without crying.
Health office diagnosis?
Yes, yes. You're allowed to be jealous. You can only wish you too had tonsils that were red, puffy and had white mucousy globules on them (Oh, I'm sorry, was that too descriptive? Are you eating dinner?)
So I took a few days off from my life. I went home and just rested. Yeah, I did homework, but besides that, I just was.
I think sometimes you need something like tonsillitis to get you to slow down and be.
It might be hard to get back into my busy schedule, but I needed to chill out for a few days and re-gather myself.
And because of it, I feel a lttle less insane.
And that's always a good thing.

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