Friday, April 11, 2008

The sequel is called Arrogance and Racism.

Today was the end of everything.

I had my last art tutorial this afternoon. We had our British history and culture exam on Wednesday. I am






Tonight was a Pride and Prejudice marathon night (the BBC long version), complete with tons of snacks and scones and sugary sweetness. It was a nice finish to my morning, which consisted of trying to get through the rest of my giant books on Surrealism and conjure up a paper on Giorgio de Chirico and Rene Magritte before 2 pm.
But now I am free. Tomorrow I am sleeping in and reading books and doing whatever the hell I feel like doing. Which will probably consist of eating chocolate at some point.
Monday is our last day in Oxford. Which I'm getting my head around, because it's so strange to think I'm out of here in about 3 days. We have a "final symposium" on Monday, where everyone talks for about ten minutes each on one of their tutorials, and we're all having lunch at Pizza Express (which, contrary to images the name might evoke, is actually a nice restaurant).
Tuesday I fly out to Spain with Daniel and Amanda and we're in Barcelona for about 4 1/2 days. Ironically, Spain was the last place I wanted to go while I was abroad, but I'm actually looking forward to it. There are sweet museums that feature Surrealist art I just studied, and there's a Dali museum, too. And the beach. The beach is good, too.
After that I fly back to Oxford to collect all my crap, fly to Germany for about 3 weeks, and then fly to New York, stay there for 10 days and then FINALLY get home.

I miss the sun, I miss the beach, and I miss the beauty of Palos Verdes. How cheesy am I?
I have hair dye in my hair and it's time for me to go wash it out...Au Revoir.

Here's a picture of Brit and I doing something.