Monday, July 1, 2013

This is why you don't give a 21-year-old your phone number and then act like an adult. Lol.

Him: Hey :)
Him: Hey :)
Him: Hey wats up
Him: Hey wats up
Him: Hey wats up? :-)
Him: Hey wats up?
Him: Hey how are u?
Him: Hey how are u :-)
Me: This is getting pretty ridiculous. You can stop texting me now.
Him: Lol why'd u give me ur number then?
Him: Lol ok ill stop texting u but next time don't give me ur number. Don't be dumb lol.
Me: I asked for your number instead when you asked for mine, but I felt pressured by you to give you my number anyway, so next time just let a girl do what she wants to do.
Him: Lol. Pressured? Wat are u in high school? U could've said no I would've been ok but wats wrong with talking? Lol. It seemed like we were getting along.
Me: I'm not interested in talking.
Him: Lol. Wow somebody is rude. Its cool sweetie. Good luck.

Wats that u don't believe me?

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