Friday, April 2, 2010

2010: A Spatial Odyssey

I'm not going to lie to you, I love you.

You're amazing; You're smart, funny, full of random information, and I know I can count on you.

But sometimes you give me a headache. Sometimes I just want a simple answer, and with you there's no one answer for anything. It's overwhelming, and you often go off on irrelevant tangents. You have a great memory, but I just don't need to know half the stuff you tell me.

You can be malicious at times, too, freaking out and going haywire. I don't know what to do when you get like that. I've had to call in a third party more than once for help with your temper.

And remember when we were in England and tried to download and watch Cloverfield online? That didn't go so well, did it? We broke up for a few months after that. Studying abroad without you around wasn't easy for me, either. I had to lean on the support from my roommates. Did it make you jealous that I lived with five boys?

I'm sorry, though, for all the times I mistreated you. I know I can really push your buttons.
And it's not fair to you when I turn you on and then walk away, leaving you to sit idle while I go attend to other things.

You can be really sweet--sending me notes and pictures. Sometimes I don't understand them, though.
Why do you need me to deposit money in the Nigerian Prime Minister's bank account? Also, I'm definitely not going to order male enhancement pills. And that "funny picture of Lindsay Lohan?" I brought that up, and you just shut down.

But, computer, do you know what I like best about you?

When you sit on my lap, you really get me hot.

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Anonymous said...

Sure you are feeling ok? Blogging to your computer and all...
Funny though!