Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that aren't fun in the morning

1. Waking up.
2. Discussions on intense topics, like depression, death or sexual experiences.
3. Shampooing your hair three times because you forgot the second time that you'd already shampooed it, and the third time you thought you picked up the conditioner. But you didn't.
4. Zits in the formation of constellations on your face.
5. Cat hair in your tea.
6. Cat hair in your cereal.
7. Realizing you accidentally bought rice milk instead of soy milk.
8. Surprise! Another student loan you need to start paying off.
9. Bank of America email: Low balance alert
10. Menopausal mothers


Little Lauren said...

dude one time i woke up and i had zits in the shape of a swastika on my face. i mean like if you drew lines connecting them they made a swastika-ish shape

Anonymous said...

i'm here. we don't have to put labels on this thing, i just wanted to say i see you. did you come up with this list by yourself?

Carlos said...

ok lemme try this again

Anonymous said...

Things that are'nt fun in the morning?How about a 22 year old with a sassy attitude?Ha!