Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jurassic Snore

My mind feels pretty blank, considering I'm nearing the beginning of a semester abroad.
I feel like the panic attack should have kicked in by now.
Instead, I'm tired all day and don't want to do anything but lay around and read one of the trillion books I took out from the library.

(note: if you have not returned Lullaby, you're looking at some late fines, and I WANT TO READ THE DAMN BOOK so hurry up and return it. Also, J. Miller, you need to pick up Fight Club from the hold shelf because even though I tried to steal it from you, the library wouldn't let me check it out while it's on hold for you: PICK YOUR DAMN BOOK UP.)

Of course, there is also the old take-pictures-with-the-dollar-store-plastic-dinosaurs activity that consumes some of my time.

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